Rubato Music Academy

RUBATO - The temporary disregarding of strict tempo to allow an expressive quickening or slackening, usually without altering the overall pace. In other words: flexibility without losing sight of the intended goal.


Music allows us to celebrate and preserve our cultural heritages, and also to explore the realms of expression, imagination, and creation resulting in new knowledge. Therefore, every individual should be guaranteed the opportunity to learn music and to share in musical experiences.

Music lessons can enhance the life of everyone as they gain confidence, social skills, and academic expertise along with their new musical abilities.

The Rubato Music Academy is based in the county of Herefordshire and offers a range of music studies and services.


Music Theory
Introductory Courses
School, Home Tuition and Distance Learning
Music Education Consultancy
Primary Music Education/PPA Cover


Community Choir
Music Arranging
Music Transcription
Music Engraving


Due to the latest Coronavirus situation we are having to change the way in which we work in order to help prevent the spread of the virus and keep both our students and staff safe.

While these measures are in place, I aim to provide my services as best possible. I will be offering distance-learning lessons via use of a music theory app where the tutor can track the progress of each student. Also, weekly video call by SKYPE/ZOOM in order to share practical work and provide guidance.

In order to maintain continuity and structure, lessons will take place every Tuesday between 11am-6pm. These will continue throughout any usual Easter break and half-term. Lessons during summer holidays available on request. A timetable will be provided for the spring and summer terms and lessons scheduled the same time each week. Please allow time to setup and be ready for me to dial in via video call. I recommend using a laptop/pc/tablet linked to your broadband rather than a mobile phone.

If you have a new persistent cough or fever, please visit click here for guidance on self-isolation and when to seek further help.

Please bear with me in what is a fast moving and changing situation, as I may need to adjust my practices in line with current Public Health advice. Any updates will be published on the website and Facebook pages.

For further advice - please click here to download a fact sheet.

Keep calm, stay safe, make music and carry on!


Tom Hughes (Music Practitioner/Director)